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  • Use Textalk Webshop <br />to create your online store

    Use Textalk Webshop
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Build your online store on a platform with hundreds of features

Our e-commerce platform is loaded with features that can help you sell more while making your time as an e-merchant much more efficient.

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All you need to sell your products online


10 € / month
  • Hosting, server maintenance, security and back-up are included in the price.Free hosting
  • We will not charge anything extra from generating more visitors to your shop.Unlimited traffic
  • With these payment methods you can accept payments from anywhere in the world.Payment via PayPal and Bitcoin
  • Upload as many products or images as you want. On our platform there is no limit to how much data you can store!Unlimited product inventory and storage
  • We offer you unlimited email support.Free email support
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35 € / month
  • You get all the features that are included in the Lite version.All the Lite features
  • Adjust the look of your online store according to your needs. You can make full use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.Multiple design templates
  • Use your own domain name for your shop, now with advanced URL handling.Your own domain name
  • You can use more than a dozen languages and currencies in just one shop.Multiple languages and currencies
  • If you want, you can offer your customers delivery by bicycle, car, the national mail service, one of the many private shipment companies or any other means that you and your customers find practical.Unlimited delivery methods
  • Let the platform handle your inventory for you!Automatic stock management
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60 € / month
  • You get all the features that are included in the Lite and Basic versions.All the Basic features
  • Different types of discount codes.Discount features
  • Send newsletters directly from the administration interface.Newsletters to your customers
  • Customer login with unique price lists, discounts and product assortments.Reseller module
  • Sell and accept payments with gift certificates.Gift certificates
  • Develop a relationship with registered customers using newsletters, discount codes, etc.Integrated customer record
  • Free customer support over email and telephone.Unlimited phone support
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* No start-up fees, transaction fees or lock-in periods apply to our e-commerce platform.

Textalk Webshop is made for both large and small e-traders. Which version suits you?

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With Textalk Webshop as your e-commerce software you can be sure to get the most features per money spent.

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