A versatile business.

For an IT company Textalk has a long history. As early as 1979, Henryk Rubinstein created the world’s first digital newspaper for the visually impaired and this got the ball running. In 1987 he founded Textalk and we still deliver a large number of newspapers for the visually impaired. In the mid-1990s, turning our attention to the Internet was a logical choice. In 1994, Textalk developed the technology for Helsingborgs Dagblad – a major Swedish newspaper, founded in 1847 – to publish all of its content online. It was the first newspaper in the country to take this step.

We have always had a large scope of activities and have delivered services on many different platforms to both large and small customers. Aside from our consultancy activity, Textalk has delivered a large number of turnkey web services, many of which have become hugely popular. Today our flagship is Textalk Webshop which, with more than 3900 active shops, is the leading e-commerce platform in Sweden. In addition, we have Textalk Websurvey, Textalk Webnews (online newspapers) and Textalk Weblisher (web-based catalogues) to name only a few.

Why e-commerce?

One day, a customer asked for a website from which it would be possible to buy goods directly using a credit card. Soon thereafter Textalk Webshop was born. We realised early on that electronic commerce would become huge and so the platform was successively expanded to attract new customers. Today, the e-commerce business is in a phase of explosive growth and this is expected to continue for many years. Never before have this many web shops been opening their online doors. This is not strange considering that – in Sweden alone, a country of nine million inhabitants – the e-commerce business was worth an equivalent of £3 billion in 2012 (up 14 per cent since the year before).

We think that it’s time for you to start selling on the Internet, every day.

Cheapest and best?

Today, Textalk Webshop is the most popular e-commerce platform in Sweden. There are many reasons why this is so, not just the low price. We work hard and consciously to develop our web-shop service – to keep pace with the ever-increasing demands for features, flexibility, design and user-friendliness. While our competitors are investing heavily in advertising, we have chosen instead to focus on customised product development. These efforts have borne fruit; two years in a row (2010 and 2011) we received the prestigious Gazelle Company Award by the Swedish business daily Dagens Industri. (One of the conditions for the award is doubling sales in a year.) Despite our heavy focus on product development, we are in constant dialogue with our existing customers to help them become or stay successful.

By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs!

The majority of successful businesses are created by a hard-working individuals. Most of them were built from the ground up with only a very limited initial capital, although with an abundance of ideas and determination. A true entrepreneur works tirelessly to succeed, in good times and bad, and we at Textalk know from experience that hard work pays off in the end. Some people seem to be born with a large dose of ambition and discipline while others need a pat on the back to make it through. Whichever form you may be steeped in, we are sure that you will have a strong and stable foundation when standing with us.