Let the program take care of your bookkeeping

Textalk Webshop has integration to Visma eEkonomi - the complete online accounting software that is simple and user-friendly. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly find what you are looking for and the collaboration with your accounting office works more smoothly. Even features like reminders of important dates and automated reconciliation with the internet bank will make your working days more effective.

Get started with Visma

More efficient accounting

Save time and release paper handling safely and safely. Your invoices go directly into the program digitally. Via the app, you will receive your receipts and they will become the accounting basis.

Accounting on autopilot

Through the link to your bank, our program will read all bank events that are automatically posted. When you add a new vendor, the program suggests the account that is customized for your industry.

Collaborate with your accounting firm

Make notes, upload receipts, correct data and have ongoing dialogue with the agency directly in the program. Full overview of your company's economy with the agency.

Visma eEkonomi, Administration 1000 or 2000

Our integration to Visma works if you use either Visma Administration 1000 or 2000. In order to communicate with Visma's software, we have built a program that enables your online store to communicate with your local Visma installation. When you order integration, you can quickly download and install our software on your computer or server. Installation instructions are available.

To use our Visma connection, you pay a starting fee of 1800 SEK and then 100 SEK per month in addition to the basic fee for your webshop subscription. You can connect your shop to Visma in version BAS and PLUS of our system.

Important to consider: In order to use the above services, you must have the Visma Integration service as ordered by Visma.

Not yet selected accounting software?

Are you still in the investigation phase? Do not you really know which system / program you will use to manage your accounting? On Visma's website you can get a good Overview of what distinguishes eEconomy and Administration. Here you can compare, among other things, accounting, sales, purchase and inventory.