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Shopping pleasure with the market's newest Checkout!

Do you want to increase your sales online, in store or via mobile? Our payment solutions make it easy for your customers to shop and pay for you. You choose which channels you want payment solutions for. If there are several, we will naturally join them so that your customers get the same smooth shopping experience, no matter where they are.

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The most popular payment option online. We buy the invoice and handle unanswered payments and reminders for your company. You have the money on your account the day after the invoice has been created.

Card Payment

Our e-commerce solution is certified for PCI-DSS Level 1. This means it offers the highest possible security for your company and your customers.

Down payment

Open the opportunity for more and bigger purchases. If you let your customers decide to pay their purchase in your webshop, you will be able to buy more and more. The customer pays at his own pace and you get the money already the day after you delivered to the customer.

Benefits to you as a customer

  • Supports sales to both B2B and B2C
  • Self-Learning - Calculates how your customers want to pay
  • A payment method that includes all payment and agreements
  • Easy integration via IFramel solution