With Sendify you can compare, book and track freight in one and the same place.

Sendify is an innovative force in a conservative industry. Sendify is driven by the challenge of simplifying logistics and seeing that simplification and transparency are key to value in a fast-paced yet complex world.

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Smoother Corporate freight

Our TA system is built for small business owners - therefore, it is not more difficult to book and compare shipping in Sendify than you are used to when booking hotels or flights.

Freight for all

Negotiating good agreements is difficult. Doing it with several different carriers at the same time is a real challenge.

Support four you

If you want to offer Sweden's best company freight, really good service is a must. We are available for you by phone, chat and mail.

We want to simplify logistics

  • All predictable costs included in the price
  • Over 20 freight agreements with 5 carriers
  • Collection invoice for all your logistics
  • 20 days payment terms
  • Compare the leading carriers
  • Easy booking of one or many shipments
  • Shipping document immediately after booking
  • Track shipments directly in the system

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