The business system tailored to your needs

An activity and its organization are constantly changing and developing, which places high demands on a business system. Pyramid is a business system that grows with you and your business. It's easy to complete with more platforms, modules, and number of users at the rate you need. Pyramid is an enterprise system with an easy-to-understand interface, while at the same time advanced in its flexibility and its great customization and integration capabilities.

Get started with Pyramid

Versatility on multiple platforms

Pyramid Business System can run on a variety of platforms, it can run on Windows, tablet, browser, PDA or smartphone.

Pyramid BI (Business Intelligence)

Pyramid BI is a powerful tool for building graphical reports. Choose how the report should look; bars, meters, trend curves or pie charts.

Easy to customize and integrate

Pyramid Business Systems are tailored to your unique needs by changing existing routines, building new tables, indexes and / or program dialogs.

Solutions for business and logistics

Flexible and efficient e-commerce

Our trade solution for trade is flexible and efficient. Flexible, for the users who themselves decide on the design of their dialogues for efficient order management and for the customers who decide when to put the words. Send orders by letter, fax, phone order, EDI or why not via e-commerce. E-commerce, with associated customer service features, provides your customers with 24-hour service.

Advanced pricing

Pyramid has many possible ways to price range. Support is available for price agreements, price lists and promotions or a combination of the three. Pricing can be done automatically by loading price files or manually. The prices can also be pre-booked with a predetermined date when they begin to apply.

Logistics with multiple options

Pyramid gives you several possible ways for flexible and efficient logistics. Everything from manual delivery to handheld computer. You can also connect Pyramid with a freight accounting, freight costing and tracking system. The PDAs also help you with deliveries, warehousing and inventory.