Increase your sales with a well-known payment solution

Payson Checkout 2.0 is designed for maximum conversion. In our new and fast payment solution, we have lost all unnecessary steps at the checkout to increase your sales. The payment window is nicely integrated into your e-shop where customers can easily complete the purchase in just a few clicks! The solution also supports sales between companies, "B2B".

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One checkout - all payment methods

Here, your customers can easily choose between invoice, internet banking, card payment and installment.

Easy administration

All orders are handled in the same way with Payson Checkout 2.0, which also passes the customer's delivery address upon completion of the order - all you need to do is send the item.

No start- or monthly fee

Payson Checkout 2.0 has our lowest transaction cost and you do not get any fixed fees. Get started quickly, within 24 hours when you create an account with BankID!

Payson Checkout 2.0

Payson is a well-known payment solution and has over 10 years of experience in the industry, with thousands of connected e-shops and satisfied customers. With your company account, you keep an eye on your e-store development, match sales, manage repurchases and create reports. You also get advice and marketing tips that can help your business become more visible online.

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