Get paid with PayPal.

Are you looking for a complete payment solution or do you want to add PayPal as an additional payment method in your webshop? We have solutions that suit your business.

Create a business account

15 mil. merchants prefer PayPal

Sell to customers in more than 200 countries and regions and trade in 25 different currencies.

Easy integration

Our solutions are easy to integrate and are already installed in Textalk Webshop. We can of course help you if you need it.

Protection around the clock

We prioritize you security very highly, and therefore, every transaction is monitored around the clock. You can of course also contact us if you need it.

Here's how to get started with PayPal.

  • Create a business account.
  • Select the features you want to start with. You can change or add more later.
  • Once your registration is completed, log in to the Textalks admin panel and fill in the information you received from PayPal.