Great customer experiences mean higher sales and happier customers

When you start a webshop at Textalk, your integration to Klarna is established from the start. You only have one agreement with Textalk, so you do not have to sign a deal with banks and bills. In other words, you can start selling right away and your customers can choose to shop with the payment option that suits them best.

Get started with Klarna

Included at no extra cost

Smooooth deal for Textalk Webshop customers: 2.99% / transaction. No start charge, no monthly cost or binding time.

Smoooth is… having your back.

Our “Risk Free” guarantee means you’ll get paid, even if your customers don’t pay us.

Make your customers feel at home

With our checkout solution, your regular customers can complete the purchase with a single click, the way they choose to do.

Klarna Checkout.

  • Seamless identification and delivery choice. All payments are included.
  • Global support, local optimization.
  • We take the full risk and make sure you get paid.

Kontakta Klarna