Recurring customers and higher average purchase values

Ecster Pay is the e-commerce checkout with greater goals than the individual purchase. With Ecster Pay you get one agreement, one integration and full shopping experience. The checkout is built to provide more recurring customers and higher average purchases. Freedom of choice and full control throughout the checkout is a part of the secret.

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Payment methods the customers want

All steps in Ecster Pay are transparent and the customer can compare and exchange payment at any time during the purchase. Of course, all the payment options that customers demand most are included.

Melt in and adapt

In Ecster Pay, it is yours and the customer's wishes that apply. Therefore, Ecster Pay is equally good on all screens and is designed to be perceived as a natural part of your webshop.

Full support for BankID

With pre-filled personal data and the ability to save card details for one or more cards to the next purchase - without compromising on security.

Ecster Pay

  • The customer can compare payment options before making the choice
  • Pre-filled data via BankID
  • The checkout adapts to your webshop
  • Card Payment is the most common method of payment on the web. No wonder given how easy it is for the customer.
  • Down Payment. When the price tag is big, not everyone can handle the entire cost at once. Therefore, partial payment is a popular payment option for slightly larger purchases.
  • Invoice. Getting home the goods before paying feel safe. Especially when shopping online.

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