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Textalk Solutions develops customized web pages, online stores and apps - according to your wishes.

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Sweden's probably most experienced web agency.

With us, you get new colleagues. We take your web personally.

Web Agency

We are probably Sweden's most experienced web agency. We can help you with anyting from small websites to major advanced web systems. We are experts in building easy-to-access web on platforms such as Textalk Webshop or WordPress.

Software development

Regardless of system environment or features, we can help you with professional software development. Everything from cutting-edge web programming and databases, to WordPress plugins, and integration between business systems and your online store.


We make sure your web and your interfaces look nice, are easily accessible and easy to use. We do everything from web design to complete design profiles.


Apps and programs

We build custom apps for iOS and Android and publish them to Google and Apple. We also build programs for Windows, Linux and Mac.


Do you think it's hard to keep your website updated? We will be happy to assist you with the daily maintenance and updating of your web. We would like to take a proactive role and keep track of your web and always keep it in perfect condition.

Server and web hosting

We know how the Internet works behind the scenes. We help you with domains, email, web server and storage - either in our own data centers or at a provider of your choice. Simply cloud solutions with local presence.

Therefore, choose Textalk Solutions

What do you want to achieve?

Often, I get the question how much it costs or how long it takes to develop a technical feature or a finesse on a website. It is a reasonable question for an industry that sometimes can be difficult to understand. But, before answering that question, I always want to know what you want to achieve and why.

The purpose is the most important question in design and technical development. At Textalk Solutions, we want to achieve your goals with pragmatic choice of solutions. Sometimes we may resolve your need with you in a few minutes. Other times, we need to customize large complex solutions including server solutions, system development to web and app design. Often we end up somewhere in between. Since we have been working on the web as long as the web has been available, we are very skilled at both needs analysis and technical implementation - always with your purposes and goals as a starting point.

Therefore, choose Textalk Solutions.

Rikard Sigvardsson

CEO of Textalk


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