Textalk Group Corporate Facts

Textalk's operations are divided into three subsidiaries; Abicart AB, Textalk Media AB and Webfolket AB.

Abicart AB


Abicart AB manages and develops the e-commerce platform Abicart.

Krokslätts fabriker 12, Mölndal, Sweden
Tel: +46 31-143314


Textalk Media AB


Textalk Media develops digital magazine technologies for visually impaired, e-newspapers, publishing tools, reading apps and accessible web.

Textalk Media AB operates and develops the media platform Prenly.com as well as our platform for content extraction, archiving and multichannel publishing - Webarch.io.

Krokslätts fabriker 45, Mölndal, Sweden
Tel: +46 31-388 47 40


Webfolket AB


Webfolket AB offers a wide range of consulting services in programming and design.

Kungsgatan 27, Alingsås, Sweden
Tel: +46 322-433 00


Textalk Group's stakeholders

Rubinstein Invest AB

It was where it began in the 1980s. Textalk's founder (Rubinstein Invest was called Textalk from the start) Henryk Rubinstein studied at Chalmers University of Technology in the 1970s and created the world's first digital 1979. Rubinstein Invest holds 30% of the shares Textalk AB. The company is owned by Henryk Rubinstein who works as a consultant and chairman in the Textalk Group. Info

Etercore AB

Etercore AB is the a parent company in the Textalk Group and controls 70% of the shares. Etercore is equally owned by Fredrik Schill, Lars Gustavsson, Oskar Calrsrud Felander, Rikard Sigvardsson and Svante Gustavsson. The owners of Etercore work for everyday life as developers and leaders in the Textalk Group, and have all been involved in building Textalk's operations since the early 2000s. Info

Förmedia AB

Förmedia owns 20% of Textalk Media AB. The company is equally owned by Jens Halvarsson, CEO of Textalk Media, and Magnus Lundh, Sales Manager in Textalk Media. Info

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