We make the Internet beautiful and easy.

What we do

World leader in media solutions for the blind, visually impaired and other people with special needs for accessibility.

Textalk serves the Swedish newspaper industry with system solutions for content extraction, archiving and omnichannel publishing.

We develop publishing tools focusing on content, e-papers, web and apps.

We are e-commerce experts and are behind Sweden's most popular e-commerce platform Textalk Webshop.

What we believe in

To focus on people, purpose and simplicity. The primary thing about the technology is that it should be secondary. It shall solve and streamline what we want to achieve, and not complicate things.

That all forms of information distribution must be digital. The digital content is the original. A printout is a copy.

That it is necessary and invaluable to constantly explore and discover the reality rather than following a map.

We are Textalk

This is how you work on Textalk

Do for people

Technical solutions are natural tools throughout the society's everyday life. The machines are our friends. Without them no paradise.

Do the important stuff

If a job is untrue, it should not be performed. At Textalk, the CEO goes out with the garbage. It's an important job to get rid of the garbage.

Keep it simple

Do not complicate things unnecessarily. The wheel, thread and cinnamon bun are the world's best inventions.

With the history of humanism and technology

Textalk has been working on innovation in digital information technology since the 1970s. It started with newspapers for visually impaired people read through speech synthesis. Therefore, Textalk (etymology: text talk ). With digital information solutions for visually impaired as one of our business areas, we have today expanded our business to include e-commerce, web, apps and e-newspapers.


The first sweet years

Henryk Rubinstein began her engineering studies at Politechnika Warszawska, migrated to Sweden in 1968 and graduated from Chalmers. In January 1979, Professor Lars Kristiansson, GP journalist Leif J. Andersson and Henryk met a kinakrog in Gothenburg where trion drew up the first lines for a newspaper solution for visually impaired people. Later that year Henryk created the world's first digital magazine in a collaboration between Chalmers and GP.


Textalk For Visually Impaired.

Henryk and his friend Aleksander Ratz started Textalk AB in 1987. At the Innovation Cup 1988 (Dagens Industri) Henryk was awarded a scholarship of 17,500 kr for "innovative and application-oriented thinking with regard to economic and market aspects". That year Henryk received "IEE Prize for Helping Disabled People - Certificate of Commendation" from the British Institution of Electrical Engineers.


Lars and textalk.se

Lars Gustavsson from Tanumshede graduated from the University of Applied Sciences at Chalmers University of Technology in 1993. About 70 people sought the first advertised job as a programmer at Textalk. Henry's choice fell on Lars that same year registered textalk.se (one of Sweden's 1000 first). Today, Lars is a partner and CTO for Textalk.


Newspaper on the web

In cooperation with Textalk, Helsingborgs Dagblad (hd.se) launches one of Sweden's first online newspapers.


Textalk Webshop

We launch our first version of Textalk Webshop.


Rikard, Svante, Oskar and Fredrik

During the period from 1994 to 2002, Henryk employed additional persons; Rikard, Svante, Oskar and Fredrik. Together with Henryk and Lars, these gentlemen enter as a shareholder in the company and establish Textalk's current ownership structure.


Best in test

PC för Alla (PC For Everybody) ranks Textalk Webshop as Best in Test in their evaluation of Swedish ecommerce platforms.


Rikard becomes CEO

Rikard Sigvardsson started as the first book scanner at Textalk 1994. Since 1997 he has worked with web design, product development and marketing. Rikard entered as CEO 2011.


Largest in Sweden on digital newspapers

The Authority for Accessable Media in Sweden selects Textalk as a nationwide provider for digital publishing solutions for visually impaired people.


4,000 stores in Textalk Webshop

We maintain and strengthen our position as Sweden's leading e-commerce supplier with more than 4,000 active online stores in Textalk Webshop



We launch our most extensive startup project so far - a brand new media system and business ecosystem that wants to improve accessibility and readability of its content. Prenly. For all. Everywhere.


Textalk Media AB

Textalk, together with its employees Jens and Magnus, forms the subsidiary Textalk Media AB. Textalk Media takes over and further develops Textalk's media solutions and, at the same time, becomes the Group's startup scene for future media efforts. (In the photo, Jens and Magnus are trying out some new jackets.)


Nordic audio newpapers

Textalk Media expands in the Nordic countries with newspapers for visually impaired people. First new markets are Iceland and Finland.


Be a part of our story!

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Abicart Norge

Textalk Webshop is launched in Norway under the Abicart brand. Read more at abicart.no


Abicart India

Textalk Webshop is launched in India under the Abicart brand. Learn more at abicart.in


Textalk Webshop blir Abicart AB

Textalk Webshop and Textalk's operations in e-commerce solutions are moving to the subsidiary Abicart AB.


Textalk Solutions blir Webfolket AB

Textalk's consulting business moves to the subsidiary Webfolket AB.